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Who is like you oh Lord our shepherd and our king.

Who is like you oh Lord among the gods? You who heals the broken hearted binding up all wounds.

Befriender of sinners and outcasts and stay far away from the self righteous. Who is rich in mercy and your garment adorned in grace.

Your righteousness shines like dawn and keeps your beloved lambs safe throughout the affairs of the day.

Who is like you oh Lord our shepherd and our king. There is none who can be compared to you. None can come close at all. In you the mountains of trouble, sickness and lack all melt like wax.

In you all things become beautiful and burdens become weightless because you carried them all away from us. In our most trying times oh Lord, the toughest times the fiercest battleground there is a door of hope to a valley of blessings.

Who can understand the richness of your grace we can only just begin. Your grace lives from eternity to eternity. We just stand in awe. You are Grace as much as You are love. There is forgiveness of sins even for a believer. Your precious blood avails to one and all.

Praise you Lord. Praise you Jesus.

I guess when I speak in tongues this would be the interpretation. All praises.

Come daily to the Father's Table.父の表に毎日来る。

Read His Word. Listen to anointed teachings. Anointed teachings speak to our hearts. Words of love and grace from the heart of our Father. Not words of condemnation.

Words that build not words that destroy. Yes that is the Good News personified coming straight to us directly from His throne.

Feast at the Father's table. He feeds us with manna from heaven freshly baked Bread of life everyday. ...He prepares a table for us, anoints our heads with oil. Our cup runs over. Come to the Father's table daily. God loves His children to come. God loves to commune with His children.

In the world there would always be trouble. But Jesus has already overcome the world. In Him we too are above them all. We are truly blessed indeed.
Translated by Google translate:


父のテーブルでごちそう彼は日常生活の天国焼きたてのパンからマナで私たちをフィードします。 ··彼は私たちのためにテーブルを準備しオイルで私たちの頭anoints当社のカップはに実行されます。毎日父のテーブルに来る。神は彼の子供が来るのが大好き神は彼の子供たちとコミューンが大好き


Destined to Reign by Pastor Joseph Prince